Install the chat in any website or project with PHP

Support Board for PHP

Include Support Board in any static or PHP project in minutes. We offer quick and easy installation with our visual interface.


PHP installation

Easy and Fast Installation

Complete the installation process in a matter of minutes, without a single line of code, via visual interface. Show the chat widget on the pages you want by including a single JavaScript file.

  • Installation via visual interface
  • Show the chat with just 1 line of code

Clean and Well-Written Code

The Support Board PHP, JS and CSS code is well-written, organized and documented to help you understand it and keep you from wasting precious time. The PHP docs will cover all the plugin and add-on features.

  • Documented code
  • Well-organized code
  • PHP, JS and CSS code
  • Developer docs

ES6 and PHP7

Built with the Latest Technologies

Support Board uses the latest PHP7 and JavaScript ES6 features like JavaScript Classes, Default Parameters, Arrow Functions, Template Literals and more. The CSS is written in SASS.

  • The latest PHP7 features
  • The latest ES6 features
  • CSS built with SASS